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Motivation For Fitness

May 14, 2013

As a geek, I’m always trying to find a way to get out of doing things that are fitness related in an attempt to do things I find more interesting. To counter this, one of my friends said I should just make the connection between ‘levelling up’ in a game and working out. While this might be a great idea for some, it doesn’t work for me. There is no ‘level up perk’ for me to work out. I don’t suddenly get to eat better food, sleep less or get a 30% chance boost to find change on the sidewalk. It could be argued that I need to just view the ‘perks’ as being fitter, healthier and able to do more, but this isn’t an immediate reward, so I find it hard to work towards it. And something tells me that I’m not the only geek  who thinks about it this way. I know I need some kind of immediate reward.

I think this is linked to how games structure themselves. 5-10 minutes in anything and we are able to slay a couple of monsters or run around the wasteland. Sure we want to play games for longer, but it can alway be argued that games give a false sense of achievement, but I’ll save that as a topic for a much later post. So maybe us geeks need to put in some kind of reward system. I used some applied maths to keep myself interested as well as going to the gym. For example, 1 pull of a bar with 1 weight on it gave me 1 point. 1 pull of 2 weights=2 points, 10 pulls of 20 weights=200 points and so on. For every 100 points I gave myself a ‘life point’, and I’m still trying to sort out some kind of reward structure for what to do with this. It gives me motivation to keep on going, as well as a direct way of seeing an immediate result from my efforts. I figure it can work for other people as well, not just for all those poor people subjected to the Dovakiin’s attempts to learn how to sneak and pickpocket.

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